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Is there any fee to show my vehicle?

No, there is no fee to display your vehicle at MOB INC. However, to reserve a dedicated parking spot you have to sign up to be a member.

Is there any fee for attending as a spectator?

No, there is no fee to attend MOB INC as a spectator.

Where can I purchase official MOB INC merchandise?

We always appreciate you buying a T-shirt or other high quality merchandise at the event or from your home at our online store.

How can I become a sponsor?

MOB INC offers a variety of sponsorship levels and encourages anyone with a business interested in our mission, as well as, anyone with an automotive related product or service to be a part of the event.

When is the show held?

MOB INC has it’s inagural event on April 20th from 8 to 11 am. After that it iis held the first Saturday of each month from 8 am to 11 pm. Rain or Shine. In cases of extreme weather where a postponement may be possible, please check our Facebook Page and Instagram for the most current updates.

How do I register for MOB INC?

Currently, MOB INC does not require any formal registration for the show. We do encourage people who show their vehicles, as well as spectators, to follow our social media channels, as it is the best way to get up to date information on the shows.

How do I know where to park?

Our parking team will welcome you and assist you when you arrive. We will have sign’s available to direct traffic so you’ll know where to go.

Are there any rules I should be aware of?

Our goal is to have a great show that is fun and safe for everyone to attend.Strictly Enforced: No burnouts. no speeding. no two-stepping. The Hoover PD is always on-hand to help us maintain safety and security. If you do a burnout, speed, or drive in a reckless fashion, you will be banned from the show, all our venues, and may face criminal penalties if local & state laws or ordinances are violated. We take safety very seriously. Refrain from excessive engine revving. Do not move cones or other markers that you find in parking spaces or other areas.If you move these markers to park your vehicle in a reserved space, you will be asked to move your vehicle immediately.

Can I take pictures at MOB INC and post them online?

Of course! MOB INC is honored to host not only a wide variety of rides, but also to photo & video enthusiasts of all levels of expertise. All we ask is you tag us @mobincbhm on instagram and Facebook, and use the hashtag #MOBINCBHM when you post. Also please feel free to collab with us on Instagram. If you are interested in joining our media team, please let us know and we’ll equip you with official badges and lanyards.

Ready to join the ride? Whether you're a seasoned gearhead or just getting started on your automotive journey, there's a place for you at MOB, INC. Explore our upcoming events, meet fellow enthusiasts, and discover how you can get involved in making a difference. Together, let's fuel our passion, forge new friendships, and leave a lasting impact on Birmingham's car community and beyond. Start your engines and join MOB, INC today!


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